How to Hook Up Pool Vacuum to an Index Pump?

A pool vacuum greatly facilitates the cleaning work. It removes stones, insects, and other particles. But the pool cleaner must be connected via a hose to the filter system or the skimmer. The following instructions explain, step by step, how to hook up an Intex pool vacuum to an Intex pool pump.

If you are a pool lover, then it’s highly and likely that you have a pool too. And when you have a pool, it’s crucial to buy the best pool vacuum. A pool vacuum helps you to clean all the debris, insects, stones, and dirt from your pool in no time. In fact, it reduces your cleaning time to half. Intex pool vacuums are much cheaper and are an alternative option to installing an inground pool. Intex pools are a lot different from the traditional inground pools, as these pools are above the ground. These pools come in various sizes and shapes so that you can pick according to your needs and budgets. If you desire to use these pools for years, then you must maintain and clean them regularly. Guess what?? You are way too lucky as these Index pools come up with their index pumps to make your task very easy and manageable. To clean these pools, a pool cleaner should be attached through a hose to the filter system. We came up with this article to understand how a pool vacuum gets hooked up to an index pump. Before getting proceeding further, lets to understand what’s a pool vacuum and a pool pump?

What’s A Pool Vacuum?

A pool vacuum is just like the regular vacuum cleaners that you use at home. The only difference between these two vacuums is that pool vacuums filters are inground vacuums pool. They filter all the dirt and debris inside the vacuum while throwing all the clean water back into the pool. There are two types of pool vacuums: manual pool vacuum and the other is automatic pool vacuum. You can purchase any of them according to your convenience.

What is a Pool Pump?

The function of a pool vacuum and an Intex pump is similar. Just like a regular pool vacuum, it has a mechanism of sucking the water of the pool while running it into the filter for the sake of cleaning. The difference between the Pool Pump and a pool vacuum is that you can’t tell the pool pump where the dirt is. That’s because a pool vacuum has motion that can be directed towards the debris and earth; on the other hand, a pool pump is stationary.

Don’t you worry folks, this won’t create an issue for you. The combination of a pool vacuum and a pool pump becomes a strong tool to clean the pools above the ground. It’s a very popular and known method to clean your pool as it’s effective and efficient.

Precautions before Proceeding Further

Before moving forward to hook up a pool vacuum to the Intex pool, one must understand that the filter pump should be connected to the Intex pump. The flow rate must be between 1600 gallons to 3500 gallons per hour. The flow rate of the pump should be appropriately adjusted as the cleaning performance depends on it. Remember that the higher flow, the cleaner your pool would be. Moreover, it’s good to have a sand filter to prevent the debris and sand from coming back into the pool. Run your filter pump for about 15 minutes before you connect it to the cleaner. This will remove all the air from the system and is known as priming.

Another perfect thing to have is a pool pump timer that makes your pool even more cleaner. This will suck all the water from the pool and move it through the filter. This process helps in removing all the debris, algae, and bacteria.

Things you must have:

  • A hose adapter
  • A hose clamp
  • Hose A
  • Hose B (3×)
  • Hose C (3×)
  • Hose D
  • Cleaner base
  • Cleaner too
  • Collar nut
  • Debris Net
  • Gear Module
  • Brush (12×)
  • Brush support A (4×)
  • Brush support B (4×)

How to Hook Up a Pool Vacuum to the Intex Pool Vacuum?

If you want to do the task quickly, it’s highly recommended to get an automatic pool cleaner. It’s not that hard cleaning and vacuuming your Intex above ground pool, but to make the process even easier, one must know and follow a particular set of tips and tricks to a clearer and clearer pool. You must also balance the chemicals of your pool correctly and regularly.

Below are some of the steps to follow:

Step 1: Get all the necessary materials

We have mentioned all the essential materials and tools above. One must have all these materials before proceeding. Now when you have all the tools, proceed with the garden hose. It should be adjusted to the spigot. The garden hose should also be long enough so that it’s easier for you to take it to the other end of the pool so that you don’t need to stretch it strain it.

Step 2: Now attach the telescoping shaft:

When you have purchased an Intex pump, always check if it has two telescoping shafts. You need to insert it’s one end with the other so that you can connect them together with the help of a blue locking mechanism.

Step 3: Now align the vacuum head:

The vacuum head and telescoping head should be aligned at the place where the spring can be visible. The step thing is to squeeze the plastic tips and the springs before the shafts go through the head.

Step 4: Debris bag should be tied from the Vacuum head:

When you have slipped the shaft into the vacuum head, then bring one debris bag and connect it to the vacuum head. Please be sure that you have to rf the bag with the vacuum head.

Step 5: attach the Garden Hose with the Telescoping Shaft.

Now the next step is to attach the garden hose adapter nozzle to the opposite side of the vacuum head. Make the connection secure and tightly in place while clipping the hose to the shaft. After doing this, wind up the hose onto the adapter nozzle. There you must see the flat washer and the adapter that you should put in the coupling of the hose.

Step 6: Now get the water flowing

It’s time to put on the water, but as we have mentioned earlier that keep the water in mind. As higher the pressure of the water, the cleaner your pool would be. Make sure to control the water output by adjusting the water pressure. You have to set the pressure of the water between 1600 gallons to 3500 gallons hourly. If your vacuum starts to suck debris and dirt from the pool, that means you have set everything point on.

Step 7: Clean the dirt and debris.

Now that everything has been set correctly hold the vacuum head to move it on the pool floor to collect all the debris.

Final words:

We have tried to mention each and every detail in this article to help you hook up the pool vacuum to the intex pump. We hope it was helpful for you. If you get stuck anywhere, you can always go through the above details again and get the correct process done.

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