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AstroAI TRMS 6000 Digital Multimeter
Fluke 117 Electricians Multimeter
Klein Tools MM600 HVAC Multimeter

Whether you are a household handyman or a professional electrician, a multimeter is a necessary part of your tool kit. It let you measure current, resistance, voltage, and much more. Moreover, no other tool or device can troubleshoot wiring issues as efficiently as the best multimeters. We researched several multimeters and then bought the top 10 best multimeters for the money to review. 

Best Top 10 Multimeters


AstroAI TRMS 6000 Digital Multimeter

Astro TRMS 6000 is the best digital multimeter known for testing voltage, resistance, capacitance, current, frequency, temperature, and diodes transistors. It handles the long workday demand with its heavy-duty ranging capabilities; hence it is ideal for commercial purposes.

Premium level features included, such as true RMS for measuring voltage/AC and auto-ranging capability. Plus, other convenient features are a large LCD backlit screen, hanging magnet, auto shut-off. Even it has continuity testability that lets you easy circuit testing, and it’s an all-in-one package for either professional or home services.

Built-in F10A/600 Volt and F400mA/600 Volt ceramic fuse tubes that are explosion-proof; this feature will protect you against accidental shocks while working. Besides, it provides more reliability and double security by safeguarding the multimeter and overloading protection. 

Next, its large digital display with a backlit LCD enhances the visibility and clarity in dark areas. Even you can use the data hold function that freezes your data being showed on the digital display. Another added feature is a multi-function socket; it helps you in measuring both transistors and capacitors. 

Professionally designed for electronics training and troubleshooting electrical problems. Moreover, this professional multimeter hold of kickstand and hanging magnet features those that make recording measurements more comfortable and faster than ever before. A temperature tester or thermocouple allows temperature measurement of the appliance as well. 

What do we like about AstroAI TRMS 6000?

It comes with a louder and faster continuity tester, which is remarkable for troubleshooting noisy industrial environments.
It provides you ambient temperature measurement and comes with a temperature probe for measuring surface temperature as well.
A budget-friendly tool kit consists of a reliable sizeable backlit LCD and a battery that holds an indicator for low battery warning.


AstroAI is a great purchase and an ideal choice for field use. It will prove a vital part of your tool kit, and it has a gold standard for meters. All its premium features set this outstanding tool ahead of the competition. Moreover, with a three-year warranty, it becomes a more reliable multimeter. 

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Fluke 117 Electricians Multimeter

If you want a True RMS best digital multimeter, then the Fluke 117 electricians is an ideal decision to choose. This versatile and straightforward tool measures capacitance, current, voltage, frequency, and many other tests accurately. Most of the expert electricians prefer it due to its True RMS functioning that give them reliable and precise readings.  

To start with detail featuring first comes to its durable construction. This strongly built device is capable of surviving in harsh conditions and holds the property of shock-resistant. In case of a sudden fall, you will be sure that it will not crash easily and used for several years. 

LED with high-resolution display capability makes the result reading to be very simple and fast. Viewing results isn’t an issue when it comes to the larger screen of the Fluke 117 model. Even the backlit display lets you the straightforward reading of test results in dark conditions. This backlit has its collection, so you can use this feature by just pressing this button.

Another added feature to this reliable tool is its ergonomic design, making it easy to use and comfortably fits in your hand. Besides, an excellent grip added more comfort while using the gadget. Moreover, it makes it easier to operate the device with just one hand control. 

Heavier devices lead to tiredness, especially when working for long hours; this model keeps this problem in mind if Fluke 117 announced. It is a small and light in weight product, just carrying 400 grams of total weight. Hence, with such a lightweight, it doesn’t prove as a burden.

Finally, it’s easy to feature; well-indicated buttons, non-contact voltage detection, and compact design all of this make it possible for DIY and newbies to conduct tests fearlessly. Besides, its non-contact voltage detection function acts as a safety feature, too.

Why We Like It
What do we like about Fluke 117?

The essential feature to like is its True RMS that ensures your accurate measurements on both linear and non-linear loads.
Second is its versatility in use by different people like startup electricians, DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professional electricians.
It’s a less expensive product withholding all demanded features in the market and comes with three years of warranty.


If you are looking for a quality and best multimeter for the money, you must check out this unit. This relatively simple to use voltmeter has a ton of necessary features for testing numerous HVAC devices. The encouraging thing is that it comes with a lifetime warranty that proves it’s a quality and reliable product.

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Klein Tools MM600 HVAC Multimeter

Klein Tools MM600 is a pretty unique measuring tool and merely incredible to comes just under $100. It’s rugged, user-friendly, and boasted countless features. Able to detect anything present nearly, including resistance-capacitance, AC/DC voltage, and batteries’ duty-cycle. 


Klein MS600 high-end tool holds a CAT IV safety rating that keeps the operator safe and secure from electricity. Moreover, it comes with a five-year warranty; hence you are sure to be safe from any errors and malfunctions in construction. It’s Sleekly designed so you can move freely and take it with you anywhere. 


Mainly it’s a useful electric multimeter for HVAC/R field-related persons and quite suitable for the temperature above and flames sensors readings. It can stand in harsh environmental conditions due to its sturdy construction and delivery despite experiencing tear and wear. It’s effortless to handle tools and comfortably fitted in the hands. 


Very easy to use features, including ports and buttons, are labeled-well. Only you have to do is to place the leads in their correct ports while taking various tests. A large LCD screen and a backlit enable you to read the outcomes even in dark areas easily.


A battery level indicator allows you to know the remaining battery power to be aware of while using it. Besides, it uses 2 x AAA batteries, and you may access or fuses replacement of these batteries very effortlessly. Apart from providing you fast and accurate readings, this tool is lightweight too. 

What do we like about Klein Tools MM600 HVAC?

It’s a product of a reliable brand with several classic features, so we preferred it.
It’s the least expensive product that holds all the necessary features in it.
Suitable for business, light industry, home; hence this versatility makes it the best value multimeter.
The storage case comes with it that makes keeping it safe and secure.


If you are looking for troubleshooting and simple domestic tests, this fabulous tool is an excellent fit. It builds sturdily and capable of resisting an impact of 2 meters easily. Moreover, the device is easy to handle and use, though this professional multimeter is a clear winner.

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INNOVA 3320 Digital Multimeter

INNOVA 3320 is the first good multimeter that comes with stunning features in the INNOVA brand. Also marketed as the Equus 3320, it is useful for measuring AC/DC volts to 600V, DC amps, AC/DC millivolts, continuity, and resistance. 

A vast range of measuring capability can measure up to ten amps of DC and 200MA of AC. Plus, it provides you consistency while measuring the range efficiently. This best voltmeter large screen makes the reading of symbols, marks, and numbers more visible. Second, its backlight feature lets you read the outcomes even in dark environments.

This sleekly designed tool comes with a rubber mask and with two molded holders. You’ll get a bunch of handy features into a compact device; it’s pretty impressive. Moreover, the unit consists of a kickstand and wrist strap that added more value to it.

Usually, people forget to turn off their too after completing work, but this feature saves power by shutting down automatically. The auto shut-off feature saves your time and money both simultaneously. The device is turned off automatically after fifteen minutes of inactivity, and it preserves battery life excellently. 

Furthermore, apart from checking the voltage, it checks out the battery’s state by putting it under a small load. Moreover, with three LED lamps it represents the battery level. So it’s a great addition to this versatile tool. 

What do we like about INNOVA 3320?

It is an affordable unit with holding countless features that make it versatile.
It provides both AC/DC measuring precisely and accurately.
The compact design and color-coded LED that indicates the battery level stand it in the best-rated products.


We find it the best multimeter for all-purpose, and it is useable by everyone. DIY enthusiasts love its ease of use and professionals appreciate its precision and versatility. Last, if you search for a decent unit consisting of premium features, INNVA 3320 might be the one for you.

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Amprobe PK-110 Electrical Test Kit with Voltage Probe

Amprobe PK-110 is designed to be reasonably priced and for aiming at real-world use. It is the best electrical meter for providing all the necessary data to troubleshoot the devices’ and safety decisions. It performed well in detecting and measuring AC voltages. Yet, it not ended well in measuring diverse calibrations and configurations. 

Its test kit provides three electrical testers for various residential applications. Moreover, its kit includes an ST-102B socket tester, a VP-1000 non-voltage contact tester, and AM-420 digital multimeter. This kit boasts all necessary features, from detecting the voltage presence to switching to the proper confirming wires effectively. 

Moreover, it measures voltage accurately up to 250 V in switches, receptacles, light fixtures, and extension cords, respectively. Besides, it measures AC/DC, resistance, battery tests, and capacitance exactly. Even it can verify the wiring of the Canadian wall and the standard US with just a push of a button.

This CSA and UL certify tool; included two categories for measuring the current; first, the standard size for measuring in Amps, and another micro-current measuring for detecting small equipment voltages. This least expensive unit read RMS current accurately; this list best Multimeters for the money.

It provides you noise and low-level filtration; shows the most prominent signals on the voltage line; this increases measuring accuracy. It verifies and determines components’ terms and their functionality making it a versatile and great universal meter.

What do we like about Amprobe PK-110?

The foremost thing to like about it is its versatility that makes it a universal meter.
Secondly, its noise and low-level filtration feature; it doesn’t distract you from the focusing point.
Several standouts features but within an affordable range make it to be.
Specially made by keeping safety concerns in mind.


Looking for some new experience, then choose this stunning multimeter. It is best for all AC appliances, and an absolute RMS sensor gives you an accurate measure. An addition feature noise filtration makes it unique from other traditional meters—Furthermore, measuring current in two ways adds value to this best multimeter.

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KAIWEETS Digital Multimeter TRMS 6000 Counts Ohmmeter

KAIWEETS is the best digital multimeter due to packed with pro-level features, and it’s an ideal unit for those who demand a comprehensive tool at an affordable rate. It’s a production of China brand that is master in measuring equipment and electrical testing. Easy handling and easy to use functioning, making it the best multimeter for home use

This auto-ranging multimeter self-detects the precise range of resistance, voltage, and capacitance without any headache of manual control. Temperature managing features let you check the automotive engines’ temperature and the efficiency of HVAC machines effectively. 

This pocket-friendly tool doesn’t scrimp on applications. It offers CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 6000V for safety rating, used for HVAC projects, and troubleshooting wiring issues automatically. Moreover, this detector tests continuity, frequency, diode testing, current, resistance, and temperature. 

The data hold feature lets you store test readings with just single touch of a button. KAIWEETS is perfect for detecting low-voltages and is specifically designed for testing the primary supply sources. It boasts a substantial 6000-count LCD and clear data feedback. Moreover, a backlight feature is present that compensates for poor lit conditions. 

Besides, it incorporates a silicon casing, so accidentally dropping the meter couldn’t let it damage. An anti-burn system, a thermistor circuit, and double ceramic functions ensure your device’s protection from unintentional overloads. Furthermore, it delivers both visual and audible warnings. 

What do we like about Amprobe PK-110?

It comes with two AA batteries, so it provides you enough power throughout the long day of working.
It also holds a thermocouple for maintaining the temperature of the unit.
It offers you impressive flexibility and functionality at an acceptable price.
Well-suited for detecting both AC/DC voltages make it more likable.


If you are looking for a contractor-grade machine within an affordability range, this KAIWEETS digital multimeter is the best choice. Boasting an anti-burn system, audible warnings, auto-ranging, data hold, temperature measuring, and a 1000-volt rating, all this provides you peace of mind while working. Furthermore, this remarkably versatile machine comes with an impact-resistance silicone casing. 

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Klein Tools 69149 Multimeter

Klein Tools 69149 is a well-known and inexpensive model of the Klein brand. It comes with a compact design that allows you easy maneuver. It can measure AC/DC voltage, resistance as well as DC. A receptacle tester comes with it that detects open hot, open neutral, and accessible ground voltages. Plus, it detects wiring configuration excellently.

This model has an automatic shut-off function and a digital power button; it helps preserve battery life. A green LED lights up when the tool is working correctly, and it changes color to red when the voltage is in the detection range. Further, a LED bar graph shows the exact dealing of voltage.

This best voltmeter consists of advanced features and suitable for dealing with HVAC/R devices. It can test fuel injectors, computer driver circuits, and other functional components professionally. With its CAT IV safety rating, you will remain safe from any electric shocks. 

This non-contact voltage tester contains a dual-range property so that it can detect low and high voltages precisely. Hence, choosing it means haven’t need to buy a separate voltage tester for testing low and high voltages.

The most demanding feature that makes it the best multimeter is its AC voltage detection without any physical connection; this detection occurs in the LED’s visual bar graph form. Besides, test continuity is also complete with its audible and visual continuity indicators. 

What do we like about Klein Tools 69149?

A feature that makes it unique and more likable is a receptacle tester that excellently detects wiring configurations.
Digitally-controlled on and off power button system let easy handling and working.
All-in-one multimeter that let you AC/DC voltage measurement, DC, resistance, capacitance measurement.
CAT III 600 Volt safety rating and double insulated casing enhance security and safety levels.


It is a very easy to use and least expensive product that performed all tasks efficiently. Secondly, the study built metal and plastic to keep it away from damage even it dropped from high-roof or ceiling. Choosing it for general use or purposes is an ideal decision that will provide you plenty of benefits. 

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AstroAI Digital Multimeter with Ohm Volt Amp and Diode Voltage Tester Meter

The AstroAI AM33D digital multimeter eternally the best production for household electrical issues and automotive problems. It is effortless to operate and safe to use the tool by the AstroAl brand. It performs several functions well, including voltage, resistance, continuity, diode testing, and current measurement.

Intelligently anti-burn function and double fuse protection make it more secure and reliable for home use, known as the best multimeter for home use. A second most important factor to consider is its data hold ability; it records and freezes the data for later use. The low battery indication feature alarms you on getting low, so you can charge it and continue your work without interruption.

A large digital display with a backlit LCD; increases the visibility of the outcome in dark areas. Another added feature is a multi-function socket; it helps you in measuring both transistors and capacitors. A temperature tester allows you temperature measurement as well.

Other top-level features included a true RMS for measuring AC/DC voltages accurately. Besides, it provides security and reliability by protecting the multimeter from overloading. It holds a one-year warranty that is enough to ensure you about its high-quality manufacturing. 

What do we like about AstroAI AM33D?

It comes with a continuity tester, which is extraordinary for troubleshooting in industrial environments.
It provides you accurate temperature measurement, and a temperature probe comes with it for measuring surface temperature.
It’s a budget-friendly tool kit with a sizeable backlit LCD and a reliable battery with an indicator.
The last thing that forces to review is its open support stand and protective rubber corners that guard while dropping accidents.


This top-quality and best multimeter for the money is just incredible, withholding stunning and premium level-features. This relatively simple to use unit has several testing features for numerous HVAC devices. Moreover, the encouraging thing is that it is available in the market with a one-year warranty that proves it’s a quality and reliable product.

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Etekcity MSR-R500 Digital Multimeter

If you are a person who doesn’t want to compromise on safety at any cost, then this Etekcity MSR-R500 is for you. This affordable multimeter gives accurate measurements of current, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, resistance, and much more. Let check out the features in detail before choosing it;

Foremost is automotive maintenance that offers you test fuses, wiring, and battery preserving endurance. It is the best multimeter for hobby electronics because of delivering LED strips feature. Moreover, it diagnoses faulty wall outlets, circuit boards, and dead batteries excellently.

The rubber sleeve guarantees you that the multimeter is in protection from tearing and wearing issues. Its open stand feature makes the reading of testing or detecting voltages easier and faster. Plus, a display backlight feature allows more convenient reading even in dark or dim areas. Hence, by this feature, you may continue work at night.

The manual range dial feature present in it makes it easier to select a range to measure voltage, resistance, current entirely. A continuity buzzer comes with it that ensures the electrical components are working even in a harsh environment.

Furthermore, this ideal device has a low battery indicator, removable test lead caps, overload protection, and a rigid rubber sleeve that protect it from damage while accidentally falling.

What do we like about Etekcity MSR-R500?

The first most important thing to like in it is top-level security and safety endurance.
Secondly, it is a versatile product to measure voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, 76and diode testing.
Next to like in it is its rubber sleeve durable construction that protects it from damage.
A low battery indicator lets you know while power is slowing.


It’s a practical tool for both hobbyists and pro electricians. The most important thing is a rubber casing and overcurrent protection feature that keeps it sturdy and safe. Furthermore, low battery indicator, manual range dial, ease of use, compact design; all these features force us to choose it for digital Multimeters review.

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Crenova MS8233D Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

Looking for the cheapest and highly reliable tool, then the Crenova MS8233D is an ideal option. It deserves thumbs up due to holding fabulous features. Its multipurpose functionality measures resistance, continuity, voltage, diode, AC/DC, and frequency. 

It’s LCD with 3 ½ digits showing the readings with more clarity in low light areas. An automatic shut-off feature preserves battery timing by switching off automatically with fifteen minutes of ideal use. The data hold feature lets freeze and save the data for future use so that you may recall it at any time.

A foldable stand provides full support, and you can use it freely. This non-contact best multimeter contains a dual-range property; it can detect low and high voltages accurately. Moreover, it includes some exceptional features that deal mainly with HVAC devices. 

With its CAT IV safety rating, you will feel safe and secure even working in risky areas. You may check out the battery state, and with a bright LED feature, you can see readings easily. This device gives you accurate measurements every time within seconds. 

What do we like about Crenova MS8233D?

The most important thing that stood it in the list of best millimeters is its multipurpose capability.
Providing ultimate safety to you while working in risky areas is another factor.
Best suitable for HVAC devices also a reason to like it.


Our researched-based review showed that it is a troubleshooting and general measurement tool. It comes within an affordable range with the multi-featured property. You can choose it fearlessly because it comes with a two-year warranty.

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Bottom Line:

That’s our selection of the top best-rated multimeter reviews 2021; now, which one to choose it’s up to you. Our inspection consists of a brief explanation of the best multimeters with their detailed features. Find the best one for your measuring according to your need and budget. Hopefully, you’ll please for many years to come.

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